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About Us:Neti Kanti Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Kasapuram , a Village in Guntakal Revenu Mandal , in Anantapur District , Andhra Pradesh is one of the pilgrim centeres. Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy is the presiding deity in this village. He is the Kalpatharu and Varapradata of his devotees. People from far and near through this place day in and day out, particularly during the month of Sravana to pay their obeisance to GOD and pray for his blessings. During 1509-1530 AD when Vijaya Nagar was ruled by Sri Krishnadevaraya , in his spiritual Guru Parampara , there was one acharya by name Sree Vyasaraya (of Madhvacharya order).This Acharya observed that the king was afflicted with a peril known as "Kuhula".To ward off this evil the swamy ruled the kingdom for one hour thirty six minutes(4 Ghatis). Sree Vyasaraya installed at different places 732 idols Lord Anjaneya. Sree Vyasaraya attained nirvana in 1539 AD . On the fourth day of Sukla Paksha (bright half) in the month of Phalguna.


Budagavi,Ananthapur,Andhra Pradesh.

Temple Timings

4.30 to 5.30 am : Mangala Vayidyam - Theertha Binde Seva Abhisheka for swamy Varu. Alankarana for swamy , Prathahkala Pooja Balabhoga Nivedana, Theertha Prasada Viniyoga. 6.00 am to 12.00 noon : Arjitha Seva , Aku Pooja, Archana , Sahasranamarchana, Theertha Prasada Viniyoga. 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm : Arjithaseva & Darsana 8.00 pm : Mahamangala Harathi - Theertha Prasada Viniyoga.

How to Reach

This temple is very near to Guntakal Junction and is at a distance of 5 KMs from Guntakal which in its turn is an important railway junction connecting Chennai & Mumbai by train route. It is very near to Gooty which is on NH 7 (national highway) road connecting Hyderbad and Bangalore.From Gooty, Guntakal is connected by NH 63 and is at a distance of 35 KMs.


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