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In order to quenchthe thirst of the villages in the district, Bhagawan Satya Sai Baba conceived a scheme for supply of drinking water at a cost of crores of rupees. Under this, schemes have been established for community protected water supply plans and independent protected water supply plans. These plans cover 34 mandals in the district and are extended to villages which have flouride-free water. 3 lankhs of residents of 301 villages are the beneficiaries of his laudable plan. The panchayats of the respective villages are entrusted with its implementation. For implementation of these shcemes, pipelines measuring hundres of kilometres have been laid. The Board of Satya Sai Water Supply Plan, established by the State Governemnt, is vested with authority to oversee everything.

puttaparthi,Ananthapur,Andhra Pradesh.

Temple Timings

6:00 AM-9:00PM

How to Reach

40kms from Dharmavaram.


www.sathyasai.org For more Info