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About Us: Sri Kalyana Venkataramana Swamy

According to one more version, PUNGAVA means a Highly placed (Top cadre). The great poet from Karnataka by name ‘RANNADU’ who translated Mahabharatha into Kannada, the first days Punganur was also called as Temple town, where a minimum of 101 temples were under the patronage of Zamindars, which have been blessed with daily poojas. Huge landed property was dnowed to the temples for their maintenance, Even today, the endowed landed property is with the temples, One of the great living monuments in the town Sri Kalyana Venkataramana Swamy Puskarini (Koneru) build during 16th Century. This is said to be best of its kind in South India. This was designed and build by Sri Dankanachari son of the Great Architect Jakkanna Chari of Karnataka under the patronage of Zamindars.


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