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14th century cholavas constucted lord siva’s temple at chodaya palem near repalle. Later pallavas constructed lord vishnu’s temple beside the lord siva’s temple. As per the words by the people in the village , in the past centuries there is no road ways for transportation, sea way is the only transporatation. One Business group travelling by the sea, suddenly cyclon happened. They pray the god to survive from that situation. A week later they reached krishna river at chodayapalem. The business people belives , we survived by the gods help. They decided to construct temple. They put siva lingam on bullcot , when they reached chodayapalem , the vehicle wont move an inch from tht place. They felt, it’s a lord siva’s decision. They constructed the temple there only . Later centuries, Vullipalem jamindars ruled that place, they gave 150 acres for the temple maintainences.


chodaya palem near repalle,Guntur,Andhrapradesh.

Temple Timings

06.00 am to 08:00 pm.

How to Reach

chodaya palem near repalle Sevas/Utasavams

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