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Pushpagiri, "The hill of flowers", is situated on the river Pennar, 10 miles to the North-West of Cuddapah district in Andhra Pradesh. This place is sacred for both saivites and vaishnavites as both Siva and Vishnu are believed to have claimed this hill jointly. Thus saivites call it as Madhya Kailasam being midway between Benares in North (Uttar Kailash) and Chidambaram in South (Dakshina Kailash). Vaishnavites call it as Madhya Ahobilam being midway between Tirupathi and Ahobilam. There are eight temples on the hill together called as Pushpagiri temple,viz., Kasi Viswanatha, Rangaswami, Vaidhyanatha, Trikoteswara, Bhimeswara, Indranateswara, Kamalasambhaveswara and Kesava Swamy in one court. The pushpagiri temple comprising eight temples together has very fine sculptural details. The Chenna Keshava temple has a lofty gopuram. There are beautiful scenes that portray the interpretation and delivery of the Gita by Parthasarathi to Arjuna and the gift of arrow (Pasupathastra), by Siva to Arjuna. Scenes from Ramayana and Mahabaratha are also depicted. The Bhimeswara temple has several-sculptured panel with mythological scenes shown in it. Legends & Myths: Legend has it that, Garuda the divine vahana of Maha Vishnu was once carrying a pot of nectar from the kingdom of heaven, to relieve his mother from sufferings. On his way, Indra, the king of heaven, attacked Garuda. In the course of fight a drop of nectar fell into the tank in the place, which in turn acquired the property of causing rejuvenation and immortality. Brahma the creator of life was discredited and thereupon, sage Narada advised Hanuman to drop a hill to cover the tank. When he did so, the hill instead of sinking floated on the water like a flower. This accounts for the significance of the place. Festivals: Sivaratri and Vaikunta Ekadasi are the main festivals celebrated here Location: Pushpagiri, Andhra Pradesh Transportation: Situated 10 miles North-west of Cuddapah district. Near by Temples: Lord Venkateshwara Temple,Tirupathi and Lord Narasimha Temple, Ahobilam.



Temple Timings

06.00 am to 08:00 pm.

How to Reach

Situated 10 miles North-west of Cuddapah district. Sevas/Utasavams

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