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The Veerabhadra swamy temple itself is 1000-years old. It is said that the great King Krishnadevaraya used to camp at Rayachoti whenever he visited Srivari temple at Tirupati. In old Rayachoti near the river to the west of the town is a stone very conspicuously set up, with a Tamil inscription dated S.S. I155 which corresponds to A.D. 1233. It records a grant to a temple by a certain king, but none of the names given can be identified with any place in the vicinity. The king is called Nissankapratapa Raya, lord of Karkatapura. Another inscription of the same date at Abbavaram, a village included in the Rayachoti constituency, mentions the name of another king, Thomba, who was 'first ruling from Kalukatayapuram and then Marujavaduyandapuram his capital.' It is probable that Karkatapura and Kalukatayapuram refer to the same place and it is possible that Thomba who 'was first ruling' there was expelled there from by Nissankapratapa who calls himself 'lord of Karkatapura.' It is not known to Rayachoti what dynasties these kings or chiefs belonged.



Temple Timings

Morning: 5am to 11 am Evening: 4 pm to 8 pm

How to Reach

Kadapa which is 50 km to rayachoty has an air strip which will soon have flights from state capital. Bangalore and Chennai have big Airports Sevas/Utasavams

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