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About Us:Hanuman Temple

The village is more popular in the hearts of devotees of Sri Hanuman because of the ancient temple for the Lord located in this village. Lord of the kshetra is known by the name Sri Sanjeevaraya Swami. Many devotees from nearby districts and people from Karnataka even visit this temple and have dharshan of the Lord. After all it was this Lord Sri Sanjeevaraya who had got this village named ‘vellala’. During Sri Rama – Ravana war, Lakshmana was inquired and fell unconscious. To bring him back from the unconscious state few medical herbs were required. Those herbs were told to be beyond the Himalayas. Sri Hanuman was ordained by Sri Rama to bring those medical herbs within short time. Sri Hanuman went leaping and got the mountain of herbs and was returning to Lanka. During the sandya time [sunset time], to offer prayers for Surya, He interrupted His journey in the bank of Kumudavathi. While He was performing His Sandya vandhan, devas and rishis came to witness His miraculous act of bringing the entire mountain. No sooner He finished His prayers, He was to leap again in the air. The rishis who were on the banks of the river requested the Lord to stay back in the kshetra itself, to which Lord told them since he is on the mission of Sri Rama, he ‘had to go’ [vellala villa vellala – in Telugu] and promised to come back to this kshetra.


Vellala,near Proddutur,Kadapa

Temple Timings

Morning: 6am to 11 am Evening: 4 pm to 8 pm

How to Reach

Near Proddutur. Sevas/Utasavams

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