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Agiripalli Sri Shobhanachala Swamy Temple is sacred to all Sri Vaishnavas. The story, as we were told by our elders, goes like this. Sri Mahavishnu and Sri Mahadeva were visiting the earth. It was evening time, when they were near this place. They were looking for a place to stay over for the night. They saw this place among the mountains and thick green forest. They were impressed with the scenic beauty and the tranquility of the place. They decided to spend the night in the scenic and peaceful environment. Sri Mahavishnu wanted to perform evening sandhya vandanam and requested Sri Mahadeva to find a suitable place for their stay. Sri Mahadeva, after searching for a while, found a nice place on the top of the mountain and settled down there, forgetting to inform Sri Maha Vishnu. Sri Maha Vishnu waited for some time for Sri Maha Deva to return, but finding that Sri Maha Deva did not come back, he went in search of him. When he found that Sri Maha Deva settled down comfortably on the top of the mountain, Sri Maha Vishnu felt some what angry and thumped the head of Sri Maha Deva with his fist and cursed that no body will visit him without having the Darshan of self (Sri Maha Visnu). Saying this, Sri Maha Vishnu came down in two steps and settled down at the foot of the Mountain.


Agiripalli, Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradesh

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06.00 am to 09:30 pm.

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