About Us:Peravali Ranganatha temple

The Vijayanagara Emperors were worshippers of Lord Vishnu, their devotion, love and faith in the god is seen in the magnificent pieces of architectural wonders and temples they created for their deity. One such beautiful and standing example in Andhra Pradesh, close to Kurnool is the Peravali Ranganatha Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha a form of Lord Vishnu, and has a colossal statue of the Lord in the inner sanctum. There are shrines dedicated to Thayar or Goddess Lakshmi along with the Navagrahas. The Peravali Ranganatha temple displays unique and beautiful examples of the Vijayanagara architectural grandeur and splendor. Like most Vijayanagara temples, the Pervali Ranganatha temple is surrounded by a beautiful strong enclosure and consists of a antechamber, sanctum and a porch. They have tall rajgopuram that is built in the Chola style, large life like beautiful sculptures of gods and goddess are seen around the temple. The pillars are all intricately carved and have beautiful engravings of hippogryphs. The mantapas of the temple too is intricately decorated and spacious. The Vijayanagara styled temples are generally pillared and spacious. Apart from being an ancient temple the Peravali Ranganatha temple is an outstanding example of Vijayanagara art, architecture and sculptural brilliance.


Peravali near Kurnool, Kurnool district,Andhra Pradesh.

Temple Timings

7 am to 11 am 5 pm to 8 pm

How to Reach

Near to Kurnol Town.


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