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About Us:Sri Veeranna Swamy Temple

The Ancient and Sacred Temple of Sri Veeranna Swamy is Located in The Urukunda Village, Kouthanlam Mandalam, Adone Taluka, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. The concepts of Temple: " SHIVAYA VISHNU RUPAYA : VISHNU RUPAYA SHIVAYE SHIVASHYA HRYDAYAM VISHNUH : VISHNASHYA HRYDAM SHIVAH " The temple is by the lord’s presidency over and a combination of hari hara (Lord lakshmi narasimaha swamy & lord shiva ). He is called as “ lakshmi narasima swamy” for vyshnavs He is called as “ veeranna swamy” for shaivas. Behind the concept of the story says that once upon a sage was meditating under the peepal tree and was a guide to the people to protest the veera shaiva and vaishnava cultures. That sage used to treat many diseases and worshiped by the nearest villages people, after a few decades he was disappeared in and around the area, later the public started to perform the poojas to peeple tree and found idols of lord sri veeranna swamy & lord sri laxmi narasimha swamy , then started a temple . Once the manatralayam sri raghavendra swamy also recognised the sanctity of place with his divya drishti and visited the temple.


Urukunda Veeranna Swamy Temple Urukunda , Kautalam – M, Kurnool- District Andhra pradesh - 518 344.

Temple Timings

6:00 AM-9:00PM

How to Reach

By raod - special buses are available in sravana masam from the below mentioned places : 27 klm from adoni 48 klm from yemmaganur 47 klm from mantralayam 10 klm from kosigi – railway statation 10 klm from kuppagal - railway station 120 klm from kurnool – railway station


http://urukunda.org/ For more Info