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Venkatagiri is a place for sarees and saree designs.Geographical Identification has been granted to Venkatagiri sarees in 2013. Poleramma Jatara is celebrated with grandeur. Though Kalivelamma is the village godesss, Poleramma Jatara which is the custom of Rajas became very famous. There is a famous Lord Shiva temple Kolithota and village God for the people of Amuduru.It is located from Venkatagiri around 8 km through "AMUDURU" village and just before the forest. Venkatagiri Durgam, a rock fort about 8 miles West of Venkatagiri Town was a defensive arrangement made by Rajah of Venkatagiri. The Venkatagiri Durgam trail is still untouched other than by the locals and a few adventure groups and is not yet a regular destination for the trekkers. The trekking path is covered with small to medium sized pebbles, and you pass through thick thorny bushes, beautiful mountains, steep rocky mountains and waterfalls. Venkatagiri Fort built in 1775AD attracts visitors from all over the district. Front portion of the fort namely "Indra Mahal" was built in 1883AD. Venkatagiri is surrounded by a dense forest extending to the Tirupati Hills. This forest houses many places of natural beauty like Kona Malleshwara Kona. Water falls falling from 80 ft. height and also 300 years old "Shiva Lingam". Kasi Viswanadha temple was built by Bangaru Yachama Naidu in 1760 AD on the banks of Kaivalya river. Sri Gowrabathini Rudra Murthy Swamy belonging to 1676 AD in Manulalapet. He is a sage of 17th Century who got Jeeva Samadhi in Manulalapet area. Mallamma Temple belongs to 19th Century is located in middle of the town. Mallamma is a lady belonging to Manulalapet area who underwent Sati during 1847-48 AD. The temple was built in her memoir.


Venkatagiri,Nellore Dist

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