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About Us:Sri Kshira Rama Lingeshwara swamy Temple

Palakollu is located in West Gosdavari district of Andhrapradesh in India. This place is famous for Lord Siva temple which is considered as one of the Pancharama temples. The temple here is called Sri Kshira Rama Lingeshwara swamy Temple. The other four temples are Amararama at Amaravati, Dist. Guntur, Draksharama at Draksharama, Dist. East Godavari, Kumararama at Samarlakota, East Godavari Dist. and Somarama at Bhimavaram Dist.West Godavari. The Sivalingam (Moola Virat) can be seen from all the four sides through windows in the Garbhaalayam. Additionally, Sun God, Kashi Vishweshwara, Goddess parvathi, Goddess Lakshmi, Nagareshwara Lingam, Dundi Vigneshwara, Veera Bhadra, Sapta Matruka, Kanaka Durga, Brahma, Saraswathi, Kumara Swamy, Kartikeya, Mahishasura Mardhini, Nagasarpa, Nataraja, Dattatreya, Kala Bhairava, Nageshwara, Saneeswara, Radha Krishna can also be seen in the temple. There is a belief that the Sivalingam is installed (pratistapana) by Lord Vishnu. People say that, staying one day in Kshirarama is equivalent to staying one year in Varanasi. The legend behind this temple is, once when the deities were unable to face the troubles caused by demons they requested Lord Vishnu to save them from demons and give them peace. Lord Vishnu accepted their prayers and decided to do a special archana (one of nava vidha bhakti) to Ksheeraraamalingeswara. His wish was to save the deities from danavas (demons). Lord Vishnu collected thousand lotus flowers and wanted to worship Ksheeraraamalingeswara with those flowers. Lord Siva wanted to test the devotion of Lord Vishnu before blessing Him. Lord Siva takes away one of the lotus flowers and hides it so that Lord Vishnu could not trace it. Lord Vishnu in the process of Sivarchana notices that one of the flowers was missing. Because of Siva maaya he could not trace out the flower. After all efforts, at last by the blessings of Ksheeraraamlingeswara he gets realisation. As he was called by name Kamalanayana (lotus like eyes) he decides to sacrifice his eyes to Lord Siva. Then Lord Siva appears before him and blesses him by giving Sudarsanachakra. Lord Vishnu with the help of this Sudarsanachakra wins over the demons and gives peace to the deities. The height of the temple is 120ft and constructed during Chalukya period by Chalukya Bheema. The construction took place during 9th century. The Lingam, which is white in colour, is believed as the tallest. There are 72 pillars made of black stone. Inside the Garbhalaya, Gokarneshwara and Vigneshwara alayas are situated at the left with Kshiralingam located at the center. To the right, Subrahmanya Swamy andJanardhana Swamy alayas with Nandi at the centre are situated. Gostani river flows through the town Palakollu and there is a sangam place near Narsapur with river Godavari. From here the river enters the sea at Antarvedi. Once upon a time this place was a thick forest with natural greenary. The Prakara is designed by Sri Velupathi during 10th century. The art of temple construction resembles those constructed during Chalukya period. Gopuram is constructed by Sri Alladu Reddy during 14th Century. During 17th century, Kalyana mantapam (choultry) and Ashtha Bhuja Lakshmi Narayanaswamy sub-temples (upalalaya) have been constructed.


Palakollu,East Godavari Dist.

Temple Timings

06.00 am to 08:30 pm.

How to Reach

Palakollu,East Godavari Dist. Sevas/Utasavams

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