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South India is the Treasure House of many temples, among them Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari temple situated in Penugonda, a town in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is a fascinating multi-colored (Gali Gopuram) seven storied tower with a beautiful architecture. This Penugonda Kshetram is considered as the 'Kasi of Vysyas' and is a holy place for Vysyas. Kusuma Sresti or Setty was the Setty king of Vysyas also known as Pedda Setty (Elder among Settys) who's territory was a Vassal state of Vangi Desa (Vanga Kingdom), which was ruled by Vishnu Vardhana (Vimaladitya Maharaja). His capital was Penugonda (Jestasailam) city for all the 18 paraganas during 10th and 11th century A.D. He and his wife Kusumamba were considered an ideal couple and led a peaceful domestic life. They worshiped Lord Siva (Nageswara Swamy) as the part of their daily duties. Though they had been married for many years, the couple did not have peace of mind as there was no successor to the kingdom. Their many prayers and sacrifices did not bear fruit and hence they were grief stricken. They approached their Kula guru (family teacher) Bhaskara Acharya also a Komati who was well versed in shastras and by virtue of his profession was treated as a Komati Brahman. He advised them to perform Puthra Kamesti Yaga, which Dasharatha had observed. During the auspicious hour, the couple started the yoga. The Gods were pleased and sent prasadam (blessed fruit from god) through Yagneswara (fire God). They were told that they would beget children after eating prasadam. With devotion they ate the Prasadam and within a few days the signs of pregnancy were found with Kusumamba. She expressed unusual desires, which indicated that she would give birth to children who would fight for the welfare of all.


Sri Penugonda Vasavi Temple, Penugonda West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India, Tel. : +91 8819 246083.

Temple Timings

06.00 am to 08:00 pm.

How to Reach

You can reach Sri Vasavi Temple, Penugonda, West Godavari District via Road or Rail Network. The Vijayawada Airport is a 130 km drive from the Penugonda. 35 km from Tadepalligudem Station / 30 km from Nidadavole station / 15 km from Palakollu Station Buses that ply to Narsapur from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Vizag, Rajahmundry, Nidadavole. The Rail and Road facilities in the state links West Godavari District very well with all major locations internally and externally. Sevas/Utasavams

http://www.penugondavasavi.org/ For more Info