Sakteeswara Swamy temple is in Yenamaduru, Bhimavaram Madalam, West Godavari district. The unique feature of this temple is, in any temple Lord Siva is worshipped in Lingarupa but here lord siva is found in in the form of an idol that too in Seershasana (upside down) along with Parvathi Devi in sitting posture with Subramanya Swamy in her lap as a 3 year old child on ekasila. This temple belongs to Tretayuga. STHALA PURANAM In Tretayuga, Rakshasa named Sambara used to trouble the rishis. They all went to Lord Yama and requested him to kill Sambara. Lord Yama was also defeated by Sambara. Lord Yama performed penance for Lord Siva. As Lord Siva is in Dhyanam (yoganista) Parvathi Devi gave her power to Lord Yama. Lord Yama then killed Sambara. As a sign of his victory he named the place as Yamapuri, later on it is changed as Yamunapuram. Now it is called as Yanamaduru. At the end of the war on the request of Lord Yama, Lord Siva and Parvati Devi agreed to stay here. SPECIALITIES OF THIS TEMPLE There is a Theertam called Sakthi Gundam, which is considered very sacred. Naivedya (food offerings) here are made using the water of this gundam. It is said that once to built a Prakaram around this Gundam, they drained the Gudam. So they had to use drinking water from the near by pond, to cook the Naivedyam, it did not get boiled. Then the Purohit brought water from the Gundam by digging it and then cooked the Naivedyam. From that day they use water only from this Gundam for Abishekem and Naivedyam. It is beleived that Sakthi Gundam here is actually a stream of river Ganga. Kalidasa used to worship Sakthi here and has references to this temple in his Kumara Sambhavam (115th Adyaya-13 sarga) . Archeologists confirmed this temple is more ancient than Dwaraka Temple. HOW TO REACH THE TEMPLE It is 6kms from Somaramam (Gunipudi, Bhimavaram), one of the Pancharamas. It is 130kms from Vijayawada via Bhimavara.


YENAMADURU, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India,

Temple Timings

06.00 am to 08:00 pm.

How to Reach

YENAMADURU,West Godavari Dist. Sevas/Utasavams

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