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About Us: Madhava Swamy Temple

The Madhava Swamy temple at Kollapur was originally built by the 16th century A.D., on the left bank of river Krishna , at Manchalakatta. The architecture of the temple is exceedingly beautiful. All around the temple walls , the beautifully carved sculptures depict the 24 aspects of Vishnu and Dasavathars of Vishnu. Various pillars supporting the mandapa, the Garudalaya, add beauty to the temple complex. Due to the submergence under the Srisailam project reservoir, this temple was shifted and transplanted at Kollapur. This temple is located 180 km from Hyderabad and 110 kms from Kurnool and Mahabubnagar.

Location :

Country: India
State: Telangana
Kollapur,Mahabub Nagar District.

Temple Timings :

Morning:6:00 am to 9:00 am
Evening: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

How to Reach :

Hyderabad Jedcherla - Nagarkurnool - Kolhapur 182 kms
Kurnool Beechupalli - Nagarala - Kolhapur 113 kms
Mahabubnagar Kothakota - Wanaparthi - Kothapally-Kolhapur 110kms

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