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About Us: Sri Mata Renuka Yellamma Temple

Sri Renuka Ellamma Devi Temple (Nearly 1200 Years Old); The Renuka temple is of the goddess Renuka Ellamma, she was the presiding deity of the village (Grama devatha). The temple is a very ancient one with a long back history. The presiding goddess is so powerful that people come from long distances. The story can be dated back to the time of Pandavas, while they were in their vanavas and agyatvas (disguise for 13 years) they resided at this particular place and prayed for the goddess for her blessings and then won in the Kurukshetra war. The name Eka Chakra nagar is inherent from the Vishnu avatar of Parashurama who threw his chakra to protect the goddess deity. This is the living proof that the village was in existence since the time of Tretayug There is also another story that bees (or bhramaris in Sanskrit) protected this temple by attacking on the army at the time of Aurangzeb’s effort to demolish the temple. The temple has been built in a very different style. It has no similarities with other temples which have the gopuras and dhwaja stambha shikar. (it was said that because of the fear for the Muslim rulers, Nizams who were ruling the Deccan those shikaras and gopuras were not build to escape the invasion). The temple has been renovated and no previous architecture can be seen. The goddess is identified to have come on consent of the king Vishwapal who prayed at Mahur, Maharashtra. The birthplace of the goddess is on the banks of river Haridra (now known as Haldivol), the place where Pandavas had prayed to the mango tree believing it to be a goddess. The idol of the goddess was made on her consent to the village landlord. The idol was carved with the deities of Goddess Renuka (sitting in padmasana) in the middle, Parshurama on her righ t and Goddess weapons in her four hands on to the left.

Location :

Country: India
State: Telangana
Ambedkar Colony, Nizamabad

Temple Timings :

6 am - 12: 00 pm

How to Reach :

Nizamabad Town

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